Product Name : Auto Packaging Machine
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Item No. Automatic Packaging Machine
Scrap Handle AC Servo Motor
Convey Way AC Servo Motor
Q’TY 4-12pcs
Empty tray load Load by Manual
Empty tray Change Load by Auto.
Full tray load Storage by Auto.
Empty Tray Q’ty 10-15pcs
Full Tray Q'ty 10-15pcs
Desk Height 1050+/-50MM-Adjustable
Capacity 180 parts/hour
AC servo Max. Speed 1500PRM
Spindle way Accuracy +/-0.02mm
Power Source one phase-220V
Consumed power 1.5KW
Air pressure Supply Required 0.6MPA
Machine Dimension 1000mm(L) x 700mm(W) x 1800mm(H)
Machine Weight 350KGS
1.Smart meter
2.Circuit breaker
3.Gardening and garden tools: lawn mower/snow plow/grass mower/automatic lawn mower
4.Power tools: drill and screwdriver, grinder/polishing saw/saw/sprinkler
5.Electric outdoor sports: marine outboard engines/ski scooter
6.Heating and air conditioning: boiler/air baffle/valve actuator/ventilation
7.Business equipment: ATM/photocopier and scanner/vending machine
8.Household technology: house ventilation/air purifier and dehumidifier/range hood/laundry/dryer/automatic power off/dishwasher/ air dryer
9.Food and beverage equipment: beverage vending machine/handheld mixer /Blenders/ food mixer/coffee grinder/food processor/juicer/vending machine
10.Industrial equipment: forklift truck/transporter/electronic valve/semiconductor automation
11.Special vehicles: professional trucks/heavy machinery/ forklift truck
12.Photoelectric products
13.Personal care: hair dryer
14.Laboratory equipment
15.Automotive products: engine/engine cooling fan/gearbox/ power transmission system /car air conditioning/chassis and brake system/electric Windows/sunroof/electric closing system/seat adjustment system/steering system/headlight adjustment system/ vehicle lock/water pump/vehicle mirror adjustment system