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According your product specifiction, the insert pin machine can inserter for pin, like circle pin, square pin and flat pin. It is okay for inserter straight pin or L pin

Process - Pin Inserting Machine

1. Load bobbin to the pin inserting machine

2. Make trace on pin

3. Insert pin

4. Bending pin 90˚ 

5. Unload by hand or to linear feeder

Q1. How to choose the right inserter for pin machine model?

A1. You can provide us with the bobbin drawing, and we will offer the best solution for you.

Q2. What are the differences between each pin inserting machine?

A2. The differences depend on the bobbin's dimensions and the number of pins to be inserted.

Q3. How often should the pin-inserting machine be maintained?

A3. It is recommended to perform small maintenance every three months and major maintenance every six months.


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