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Teeming have diffenert kind of tensioner for coil winding, like magnetic, electronic, servo tensioner. The most important thing is tensioner can choose show tensioner value. If winding machine working, coil winding tensioner value can observe clearly.
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Q1. What are the differences between each coil winding tensioner?

A1. Coil winding tensioners can be categorized into two types: automatic wire feeding and passive wire feeding.

Q2. How do I choose the suitable coil winding tensioner?

A2. To select the appropriate tensioner, it is important to consider your preferred wire feeding method and budget.

Q3. What is the wire range supported by the tensioner?

A3. Please provide us with the desired copper wire range, and we will recommend a suitable tensioner model for your application.

At Teeming Machinery, we have over 30 years of experience in manufacturing coil winding tensioners. Our professional R&D team continuously enhances the quality and performance of our machines. For further information, please fill out our inquiry form.


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