Product Name : TM-5016-TP Sixteen-Spindle Automatic Winding+Taping Machine
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  • Between 2 spindle pitch 50mm
  • Suitable for medium quantity and different type of small bobbin
  • Customize jig and change it easy
  • Machine can perform perfect layer winding.
  • Equip with automatic loading and unloading to increase capacity
  • Equip with taping
  • Reduce man power and increase capacity
  • Equip with automatic safety door
  • Simple construction, easily control and convenient maintenance

Item No. TM-5016-TP
Description 16 Spindle Winding + Taping Machine
Number of Spindles 16
X\Y\Z Axes Control system AC Servo Motor
Data Storage 1GB CF Card
Tensioner Magnetic
Spindle Pitch  50mm
Max. Bobbin Diagonal 40 mm Bobbin width under 32mm
Max. Width of winding 85 mm
Winding Speed  18000 RPM
Winding Direction CW/CCW
Spindle Stop Accuracy +/-0.225 degrees
(AWG/mm) Wire Range  AWG48~24/0.03~0.5mm
Maximum Travel Distance X 90mm
Maximum Travel Distance Y 65mm
Maximum Travel Distance Z 50mm
X\Y\Z Axes Increment( Step )  0.02mm (mechanical ),0.001 mm (program )
Wire Wrapping Angle 0°/90°/-30° and other angle(-30°~90)
Maximum Wrapping Speed  200mm/sec
Power source 1¢AC 220V, 50/60 HZ
Consumed power  4KW
Air Pressure Supply Required 5-6 KGS/c㎡(=0.5-0.6MPA)
Tape O.D. MAX. 130mm
Tape I.D. 76mm
Tape Width Min.2mm Max.25mm
Machine Dimension (Not Include screen ) 140 (L) x 118 (W) x 175(H)cm
Machine weight  350KGS
  • Smart meter
  • Circuit breaker
  • Gardening and garden tools: lawn mower/snow plow/grass mower/automatic lawn mower
  • Power tools: drill and screwdriver, grinder/polishing saw/saw/sprinkler
  • Electric outdoor sports: marine outboard engines/ski scooter
  • Heating and air conditioning: boiler/air baffle/valve actuator/ventilation
  • Business equipment: ATM/photocopier and scanner/vending machine
  • Household technology: house ventilation/air purifier and dehumidifier/range hood/laundry/dryer/automatic power off/dishwasher/ air dryer
  • Food and beverage equipment: beverage vending machine/handheld mixer /Blenders/ food mixer/coffee grinder/food processor/juicer/vending machine
  • Industrial equipment: forklift truck/transporter/electronic valve/semiconductor automation
  • Special vehicles: professional trucks/heavy machinery/ forklift truck
  • Photoelectric products
  • Personal care: hair dryer
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Automotive products: engine/engine cooling fan/gearbox/ power transmission system /car air conditioning/chassis and brake system/electric Windows/sunroof/electric closing system/seat adjustment system/steering system/headlight adjustment system/ vehicle lock/water pump/vehicle mirror adjustment system
Load bobbin to fixture by hand
Winding(Wrap wire on the pin or leave some length of wire)
Unload by hand