May 02 / 2023

What Is Winding Machines Used For?4 Available Features You Need to Know !

Winding machines are a key piece of equipment for the automated production of metal coils. This guide explains how and why these machines are used and the available features. 

At Teeming Machinery, we provide a wide range of equipment for different industries. These pieces of equipment can be used to speed up and maximize the efficiency of processes in various businesses. One of the most popular types of equipment we offer are winding machines. In this article, we’ll explore what winding machines are, how they are used and the key features which could make them ideal for your business model.


What Is A Winding Machine?

A winding machine is a piece of equipment that can be used for wrapping different types of metal coils for various purposes. Some examples include:

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These metal coils can be wound around different pieces of equipment so that they can be used in a wide range of purposes. Winding machines are a common part of the manufacturing process that is key to creating mechanical equipment. 

They are most commonly used for creating tight coils such as an ignition coil. An ignition coil also referred to as a spark coil is part of the ignition system in a vehicle. This transformers the voltage from the battery into thousands of volts. In modern vehicles, much smaller cars are used with one coil required for each spark plug. As such, countless coils are used for the engine of just one car. This is one of the reasons why it has become increasingly important to ensure that these parts can be created and produced at a far faster rate. That’s exactly what automated winding machines do and it’s just one example. 

Winding machines come in various different sizes and designs. For instance, there are winding machines that can wind one metal coil at a time as well as machines that can wind multiple coils. 

Some of the types of metal coil winding machines include:

  • Single-axis winding machine

  • Multi-axis winding machine

  • Winding coating machine

  • Production line

Functions Of A Winding Machine 

The main function of a winding machine is - as you might have guessed - winding. 

Winding refers to the process of winding coils so that they can be used for a specific part or purpose in a larger piece of equipment such as a car engine. 

Modern winding machines can wind coils at a speeds ranging from 2000 to 6000 RPM. It is important to choose the right winding machine for your business process.  

Aside from the primary function of a winding machine, there are also auxiliary functions to be aware of. These include:

  • Wire twister(wire diameter under 0.05mm)

  • Automatic loading & unloading(bobbin width under 22mm)

  • Cutter (wire diameter: over 0.28mm)

  • Knife (wire diameter: over 0.15mm)

  • Electrical tensioner

  • Servo tensioner

Different Types Of Features Of A Winding Machine

Winding machines can have a variety of different features. This will often depend on the type of winding machine that you choose to use in your business. 


Wire Break Alarm

Many winders have matched with different kind of tensioners, some of the types of tensioners include:
  • Spring servo tensioner
  • Simple servo tensioner
  • Pneumatic servo tensioner
  • Electronic tensioner
  • Magnetic tensioner

These tensioners can connect with winder, if wire break, machine will alarm, the user can know which spindle’s wire is braked quickly.

Besides, wire break alarm, Teeming’ machine is matched with the cylinder and sensor, and the program can know which cylinder is not moving, or the machine is stopped due to the failure of the sensor to detect it.

Actuated Knife Cut-Off

A winding machine can have a knife blade. This is used to cut wire. The knife can be actuated through the use of an electrical or pneumatic actuator depending on the type of machine. 

A teeming cutter can cut enameled copper wire of more than 0.15mm, if it is less than 0.15mm, it is recommended to use a knife.

Automatic Or Manual Role Change 

Teeming’s product can use for many different kinds of coil, when this coil has been finish produced, the coil of winding machine tooling will need to be changed. Teeming winding machines ensures that this is a changed process.

When changed to other coil, the first thing is change to manual mode to check the tooling position whether is okay, if okay, machine can start produced.Then Teeming modern automated winding machines are capable of delivering both high speed core loading and tooling changes quickly.

Teeming Winding Machine: Types And Benefits 

We have more than 30 years of experience providing automated coil solutions that businesses need as part of their production line. Our winding machines are tried, tested and proven to deliver the results that businesses require. We started producing winding machines in 2007. Since then the machines we have sold have won numerous awards. For instance, our Needle Winder won the Taiwan Excellence Award from the Taiwan Government in 2015. We are committed to constantly taking steps to improve our products so that we can guarantee businesses can order the best winding machines for their production line. 

At Teeming Machinery we offer three main types of winding machines with variations that you can choose for your business. The right type will depend on the type of material that you are winding as well as output and production requirements. 

Auto Winding Machine 

We have auto winding machines with between 4 and 32 spindles depending on your business size and requirements. These are suitable for different types of small bobbins so you can easily customize the jig. The machine can also be used to perform precise layer winding. You can also take advantage of automatic solutions to speed up your production process, increase your capacity and reduce the number of employees required. These systems also boast low levels of required maintenance, ensuring that they will continue to function without downtime. 

Motor Winding Machine 

Our motor winding machines provide significant benefits including accurate coil wire positioning. This ensures that the machine operates at a high speed and provides the rapid standards of production you require. You can also use high speed needle winding capabilities to maximize your efficiency standards. Similar to our auto winding machines, the jig can be adjusted and changed easily when required. 

Single Winding Machine 

We also stock 4 single winding machines which will be ideal for smaller businesses and companies with a lower number of production requirements. These systems are easy to control and you can quickly set up the program that you need. As such, you will have no problem ensuring that your production process is firing on all cylinders. 

We hope this provides all the information you need about the winding machines and the different types that we offer. If you need more details or you don’t know which type of machine is right for your company, please do not hesitate to contact us today. We will be happy to assist you further and ensure that you get the best machine to match your business requirements. 

Winding Machine FAQs 


How Many Different Types Of Winding Machines Are There?

At Teeming, we have various winding machines to choose from. These include machines that can wind multiple metal coils at the same time. As mentioned above, some of the winding machines available include single-axis winding machine, and multi-axis winding machine. These are also available in different variations. 

Why Are Winding Machines Necessary?

Winding machines will remove various types of faults that can be present in the production line. These machines are also used to ensure that efficiency standards reach the right point during the production process of metal coils. The level of production can increase while manpower can also be reduced significantly reducing issues with costs in the production process. Product stability is also greatly improved ensuring that problems with downtime are limited. 

How To Choose The Right Winding Machine?

To choose the best winding machine, you must consider your productivity requirements and whether you want to benefit from automated processes. 



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