According your product specifiction, the transformer winding machine can add twister, taping to suit for your product. Also can connect with bowl feeder, pin insert, soldering machine for the transformer winding machine auto line.
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Q1. How can I make a winding machine for a transformer?

A1. We can design a winding machine for your transformer based on your bobbin and winding specifications.
Learn More:What Is Winding Machines Used For?4 Available Features You Need to Know !

Q2. What is a transformer Winder?

A2. A transformer winder is a type of winding machine that can wind multiple spindles for transformers. It can increase capacity, reduce manpower, and improve quality.
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Q3. What type of machines are used for winding process

A3. For the winding process, a winding machine specifically designed for transformers is used to load the bobbin onto the fixture automatically, wind the wire onto the pin or leave some length of wire, and then unload the finished product.


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