According your product specifiction, the solenoid winding machine can add cutter, twister, taping to suit for your product. Also can connect with bowl feeder, soldering machine for the solenoid winding machine auto line.
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Q1. What are the differences between solenoid winding machines and valve winding machines?

A1. Solenoid winding machines are specifically designed for winding solenoid coils, while valve winding machines are designed for winding coils for hydraulic and pneumatic valves.
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Q2. How do I choose a suitable solenoid or valve winding machine model?

A2. You can share the coil drawing, winding specifications, and cycle time you require, and we will recommend the best machine model for your needs
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Q3. How often should a solenoid or valve winding machine be maintained?

A3. It is recommended to have a small maintenance check every three months and a major maintenance check every six months to ensure optimal machine performance and longevity. The machine's screen will also display maintenance alerts when necessary.


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