A soldering machine is a specialized device used in electronics manufacturing and various other industries for the process of soldering.

The soldering machine is equipped with a heating element, the heating element rapidly heats the soldering tip to the desired temperature for melting the solder.

Soldering machines come with precise temperature control to ensure that the soldering tip reaches and maintains the optimal temperature for the specific soldering task. Different soldering applications require different temperatures to achieve the best results.

Soldering machines often have a digital display to show the set and actual temperatures, as well as control to adjust the temperature and other settings.
  1. Automatic 8 station
  2. Multi-station design
  3. Suitable for small quantity and different type of coil
  4. Customize jig and change it easy
  5. Automatic dip solder
  6. It can set volume of dip flux
  7. Automatic detect height of dip solder
  8. Function of displacement
  9. Dip cup up and down by servo motor
  10. It can set soldering time
  11. Promote effectiveness and increase capacity
Put coil to the fixture
Pre bending
DCR test & NG
OK unload to conveyer 

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Flux control system AC servo motor
Solder control system AC servo motor
Load bobbin Q'TY 4pcs
Load bobbin distance 50mm
Working table height 1050+/-50mm-adjustable
Temperature 400±10 °C
Production capacity 164 parts / hour
Max. speed of slider 1500 RPM
Spindle way accuracy +/-0.02mm
Power Source 220V 1phase
Consumed power 4KW
Air Pressure Supply Required 0.8 MPa
Machine Dimension 2500(L)x1650(W)x180(H)mm
Machine weight 730KGS

Flux Mixing:
S.G. measurement range 0.800~0.900(standard)<1.00
S.G. accuracy ±0.003
S.G. control Temperature compensation(converted to value at 20°C)
Liquid level control range About 5mm between high and low limits
Liquid temperature 10-50°C
Measurement range ±2.0°C
Life meter Digital indication of flux contamination indicatied in ppm (0~50x10ppm)
Liquid supply method Automatic pump supply method (head 1m.500ml/min)
Liquid exhaustion Warned of automatically by buzzer LED(red),relay output(NO contact)
Employed tank 180L can(directly usable)
External output 0-1V(DC)
Sensor cord 3m
Input/output tube 6m
Wetted section material PVC,Stainless steel,Viton,PE,PP,Fluorocarbon,PA,Polyurethane,EPT
Operating surrounding temperature 10~50°C
Power supply 100,115,200,220,240VAC 50/60HZ
Power consumption 35VA rating
Fuse 2A
Weight 11kg
Due to machine improvement, machine specifications will be change without further notices.


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